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Action 43 in Austria flag Austria

All Member States will have incorporated the political priorities of the Malmö Declaration in their national strategies.

Indicator Status Evidence
Does your national eGovernment strategy incorporate the political priorities of the Malmo Declaration and eGovernment Action Plan? Yes The 'Austrian eGovernment ABC' strategy is embedded into a wider EU policy context. It states: "Since the 1980s, the European Commission (EC) had been increasingly addressing the development of the “Information Society“. Various initiatives and programmes were created that were developed further and adapted over time (eEurope 2002, eEurope 2005, i2010, Digital Agenda for Europe). On 3.3.2010, the strategy "Europe 2020 – a strategy for intelligent, sustaina-ble and integrative growth” was adopted (in brief: Europe 2020) which re-placed the Lisbon Strategy for Growth and Employment (2000 – 2010). These goals are to be achieved with a total of seven lead initiatives: ■ Innovation Union ■ Youth on the move ■ Digital Agenda für Europa ■ Resource-efficient Europe ■ An industrial policy in the globalisation era ■ Agenda for new skills and jobs ■ European platform against poverty"