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Action 19 in European Commission flag European Commission

The Commission will support exchanges of best practice and coordinate the efforts of Member States to jointly develop and set up interoperable eDelivery services.

Indicator Status Evidence
Has the EC facilitated the exchange of best practice? Yes On the initiative of the EC, several meetings took place in 2011 between the different large scale pilots to converge the eDelivery building block. The ISA work programme 2012 includes a new activity, "CIPA" (Common Infrastructure for Public Administrations Sustainability). The action proposes to sustain PEPPOL's eDelivery building block in anticipation of an agreement among the different pilot As to converge their eDelivery building blocks. The common eDelivery solution will become the backbone of a Common Infrastructure for Public Administrations (CIPA). This activity is supported by DIGIT B.4. The successful BCSS proposal will likely continue on this work.
Has the EC created a MS group that coordinates the effort? Yes The convergence activity is steered by the eCodex pilot A.