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The Commission will conduct a study with the Member States, of the demand for cross-border services and assess the organisational, legal, technical and semantic barriers.

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Has the EC conducted a study on the demand for cross-border services? Yes The study on "Analysis of the Needs for Cross-Border Services and Assessment of the Organisational, Legal, Technical and Semantic Barriers - SMART 2011/0074" was launched in 2012. On the basis of already existing cross-border e-government pilot services and other EU initiatives, the study aims to explore and substantiate the existing and future needs (including socio-economic, environmental, legal and even sector-specific needs) and demand for cross-border e-government services. It will carry out an in-depth quantitative and qualitative cost-benefit analysis to demonstrate how cross-border e-government services can make mobility in the EU less burdensome, provide added value to citizens and businesses and why deployment of new cross-border public services is needed. The study will identify and assess the organisational, legal, technical and semantic barriers that hinder the deployment of cross-border e-government services in the EU and consider their solutions. As a conclusion, the study will identify and propose options for the development of cross-border public services with the highest potential impact. Interim results are available: Study presentation took place at the 3rd eGovernment Group meeting 13 June 2012.