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Action 32 in European Commission flag European Commission

The Commission (via the ISA programme) will implement activities to put into action the European Interoperability Framework (EIF) and the European Interoperability Strategy (EIS) (adoption of the EIF and EIS expected in 2010).

Indicator Status Evidence
Has the EC evaluated the level of the EIF implementation in MS? Yes In December 2010, the EIF and EIS have been adopted by the Commission. Since then ISA has setup in NIFO (National Interoperability Framework Observatory) to monitor the national implementation of the EIF and EIF. The factsheets are available on Joinup platform:
Has the EC provided guidance to MS on how to align their NIF to the principles of the EIF? Yes The ISA programme through Action 4.2.3: National Interoperability Framework Observatory, “provides guidance and support both for the development of new NIFs and the alignment of current interoperability initiatives to the EIF”. This action was not in the scope of the first ISA work programme but was included in the first revision in 2011. DIGIT also organises sessions every 6 months to continue the promotion and the adoption of the EIF/EIS by MS.
Did all MS aligned their NIF to the principles of the EIF? No at least seven countries and Norway have not aligned their NIF to (some) of the principles of the EIF, see action 34