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The Commission will facilitate exchanges of good practice and awareness-raising activities and will adopt its own internal PSI re-use strategy based on a review of the PSI Decision.

Indicator Status Evidence
Has the EC facilitated the process of good practice exchange? Yes A PSI Group has been set up by the Commission. More information on its activity can be found here: The group includes Member State officials, local or regional authorities, and representatives from the private sector.
Has the EC run any awareness raising activities? Yes The EC set up a PSI Platform - The European Public Sector Information (PSI) platform. This "one-stop-shop" Web portal provides news on European PSI developments, good practices, examples of new products and services, and legal cases around PSI re-use - The LAPSI network (Legal Aspects of Public Sector Information) is another EU-funded project aiming to raise awareness and bring out the potential of PSI. The EC also funded several studies, one on exclusive agreements ( and several on economic analysis of PSI re-use impact:
Has the EC adopted the EC internal PSI-reuse strategy based on the review of the PSI Decision? Yes The reuse policy of the European Commission is implemented by a Decision of 12 December 2011: