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Action 14 in Italy flag Italy

Member States, the Commission and other representative institutions such as parliaments should develop services that involve stakeholders in public debates and decision-making processes building on pilots and demonstration.

Indicator Status Evidence
Have you developed a service that involves stakeholders in public debates and decision-making? if yes. In which areas have you run a consultation? What is the highest number of participants you have had in an online consultation/debate in your policy area? Yes Italian administrations rely on public consultations within policy and decision- making processes more and more, both at national and sub national level. A few examples of the last months: the Ministry of Education, University and Research has just launched a public consultation to collect public opinion about the legal value of the degree (, the initiative “Burocrazia, diamoci un taglio” (Red tape, let’s cut it!) set out by the Ministry of PA is a permanent consultation for the simplifications of PA’s procedures ( diventano-legge/presentazione.aspx). Other examples: the second release of license for the Open Data (IODL 2.0) is the result of a public consultation ( Moreover, the former DigitPA (now AgID) has made a public consultation through its website, involving national stakeholders, on topics such as digital identity, continuity, digital signature, electronic document formation, system maintenance and documentary management flows.