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Action 42 in Lithuania flag Lithuania

Member States will inform the Commission and the High-Level Expert Group how the political priorities of the Malmö Ministerial Declaration have been or will be reflected in their national eGovernment strategies.

Indicator Status Evidence
Is the National eGovernment strategy in place? No Lithuanian Government Programme (2008-2012) Action Plan Public Administration Development Strategy to 2010 The Action Plan of the Lithuanian Government Programme for 2008–2012 includes in its goals the modernisation of the entire public administration to satisfy the needs of today's Lithuanian society, providing efficient services to both citizens and businesses. It also considers attaining an equilibrium of the services offered in urban and rural areas (especially regarding remote rural areas); the maintenance of a strong legal framework that would support the ICT market and a secure personal electronic identification and authentication. The enabling factors for these goals is the rapid development of public sector's eServices and the use of ICT infrastructure for the effective operation of service centres. The Minister of the Interior report to the Prime Minister. Individual ministries and state institutions implement the eGovernment projects pertaining to their respective areas of competence, usually involving the development of their back and front office services. Strategic responsibility for eGovernment at local levels lies withindividual municipal authorities.
If yes, please provide the link to the strategy. No