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Member States, the Commission and other representative institutions such as parliaments should develop services that involve stakeholders in public debates and decision-making processes building on pilots and demonstration.

Indicator Status Evidence
Have you developed a service that involves stakeholders in public debates and decision-making? if yes. In which areas have you run a consultation? What is the highest number of participants you have had in an online consultation/debate in your policy area? Yes More than 7 years ago several initiatives and projects which tried to involve stakeholders and citizens in public debates were realised. Several forums and blogs were published on different portals:,,,... But in general the impact was very low, nearly nonexistent. Fery few people participated and used the proposed tools. The number of participants was most of the time less than 50. Therefore such services have not been proposed anymore on governmental level in the last years and no such service is online anymore on any of the websites of the government. Nevertheless the parliament (Chambre des députés) is offering since 2014 an online petition tool ( This tool enables also citizens to take part in public debates on the subject of the petition via a forum functionality. Another possibility for citizens to submit their proposals and to participate in the public debate is the website created by the Ministry of Civil Service and Administrative Reform and which enables citizens to submit their ideas for administrative reform and simplification.