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Action 15 in Luxembourg flag Luxembourg

Member States and the Commission will assess outcomes of PEPPOL and SPOCS and ensure sustainable follow up.

Indicator Status Evidence
Have you taken part in PEPPOL? No LU was only represented as observer. But LU will use the PEPPOL network for eIncvoicing and eDelivery in the context of the pilot eInvoicing project of the Government that should go into production before end of the year 2016.
Have you taken part in SPOCS? Yes Luxembourg has joined the SPOCS project in 2010 with the extension of the project to additional partners. We have been involved in the sustainability and semantic aspects of the project. Luxembourg was not piloting any real-life scenario but a technical pilot on interoperability was set-up to showcase the use of semantic technology on the document equivalence issue. We have also worked on the core developement of the project within the team led by Netherlands with programming support on the 'Syndication module developement'.