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Action 2 in Netherlands flag Netherlands

Member States will develop personalised online services, including functions such as monitoring the progress of transactions with public administrations.

Indicator Status Evidence
Have you developed any personalised services? Yes There are many services offered in a personalized way, either through ‘MyDomain’ personalized portals or through prefilled services. In each government level (national, regional, or local) there are several personalized portals. Mostly these portals show personalized transaction opportunities, personal data, messages or current affairs. All portals are using the DigiD as common authentication tool for citizens.  The platform (MyGovernment) is  the central government portal which is used as a presentation layer of secure messaging from the government and personal data management. Around 6 million Dutch citizens (46% of the target population) actively use the portal. The portal contains three main functionalities: - Viewing data in registries (citizens can view data held by government, e.g. personal records, work and income data) - Secure messagebox (government outbound) Aim is to replace all physical mail by electronic messaging. Over 70 million messages will be sent digitally in 2016. Around 200 different organizations are using the messagebox. In November 2015 a law was passed that gave digital messages the same status as physical mail when it concerns fiscal matters. - Access to current procedures, so that citizens can follow the steps in processes (eg permits).
Are those personalised services available via multiple channels? Yes Most of the services are available via multiple channels. In the NL there is a multi channel approach. For citizens there is no obligation to deal with government digitally, except for the work and income domain (services for unmployed). Most services are offered via multiple channels. E.g. the tax administration offers also services over the telephone and via their network of offices, municipalities. At this moment, the mijnoverheid services are only available via internet (pc, smartphone and tablet compatible). It is one of the goals in the near future to develop an app that provides easier access for smartphones and tablets. Extra trend is that all portals are being presented as responsive websites with a trend towards mobile-first development.