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Member States will provide cross-border and interoperable eDelivery services for citizens, e.g. so that they can study, work, reside, receive health care and retire anywhere in the European Union.

Indicator Status Evidence
Do you provide any cross-border online and interoperable services for citizens? If yes, How many? Please list them. Yes UWV is EURES partner and offers a EURES portal the portal is meant for Dutch citizens who want to work elsewhere in Europe, and but also for EU citizens who want to work in NL. For cross border workers (NL, B, D)a portal ‘Startpunt grensarbeid’ is developed. The portal contains information in the field of tax, healthcare and other regulations Netherlands participates in the European Europass. Europass is designed to stimulate mobility of students and job-seekers in Europe. the National Europass Centre NL (run by DUO) is fully online and exchanges with all other NECs, CEDEFOP and the EC. Cooperating agencies have developed a portal providing information about the arrangements needed for coming to the Netherlands, whether temporarily or permanently. The information provided is geared towards personal situation. As part of the Personal Records Base Register the register for non residents has been introduced. In this register citizens are registered who live outside the Netherlands and do have a relation with Dutch government (e.g. labour history). These registered persons citizens can be both Dutch citizens and EU citizens.
Are you planning to provide those services between now and 2015 ? Yes