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Action 23 in Netherlands flag Netherlands

The Commission will support and coordinate the efforts of Member States to roll out Large Scale Pilot projects and to start new ones, while encouraging coordination and re-use of results and solutions between them.

Indicator Status Evidence
Have you already rolled out a LSP? Yes The Ministry of Security and Justice (MoSJ) has started with the utilization of the e-CODEX platform in 2014. The Prosecution Office has started exchanging legal assistance requests with Germany and Belgium in the Euregion of Limburg.  In May 2016 MoSJ has started to receive data from France on penalties based on traffic offenses by Dutch that have proven incollectable by France. It is expected that by Winter 2016 also data will be exchanged between Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands in relation to FD909 on recognition of sentences in criminal cases
Are you planning to roll out any LSP until 2015? Yes NL has rolled out the following solutions : STORK: PEPS and STORK levels ; PEPPOL: Virtual Company Dossier