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Action 31 in Netherlands flag Netherlands

Member States should develop and agree indicators and evaluation procedures for measuring the reduction of the carbon footprint of their administrations as a result of eGovernment services.

Indicator Status Evidence
Have you developed methodology (indicators/evaluation procedures) measuring the reduction of the carbon footprint of your administration as a result of eGovernment services? Yes Logius, the public organisation managing most egovernment building blocks, has developed an innovative method combining the broadly used standard cost model with a sustainable add. This creates a sustainable standard cost model. The method breaks down a public service in its different processes in two scenario’s: paper versus digital and then calculates for each process the financial impact and the impact on the environment. Using this method we hopefully will be able to show what the financial and environmental benefit is of using an egovernment service.
If yes, give examples of measurement and services assessed? Yes The first show case on e-invoicing is available here: The results on two other egovernment services show that the method is applicable but gathering the right date is hard.