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Action 2 in Belgium flag Belgium

Member States will develop personalised online services, including functions such as monitoring the progress of transactions with public administrations.

Indicator Status Evidence
Have you developed any personalised services? Yes my In Wallonia : In Flanders: a personalized citizen’s portal (“burgerloket”) is under development All apps combined wit hthe Belgian eID are by definition personalised. A number of administrations already offer status and progress monitoring applications (e.g; MyMinFin, MyPension, Social security administration, disabled persons, etc.) We are working on the Digital Government actionplan/platform. Results expected soon.
Are those personalised services available via multiple channels? Yes Many applications available on the portal are also available on other sites, or as a traditional service at a city hall etc. In Wallonia : Yes, there is a physical channel through "Espaces wallonie" In Flanders: the citizen’s portal (“burgerloket”) will be Our Apps and Services are available on multiple channels./ Federal administrations endorse a mobiel first strategy.