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Action 14 in Portugal flag Portugal

Member States, the Commission and other representative institutions such as parliaments should develop services that involve stakeholders in public debates and decision-making processes building on pilots and demonstration.

Indicator Status Evidence
Have you developed a service that involves stakeholders in public debates and decision-making? if yes. In which areas have you run a consultation? What is the highest number of participants you have had in an online consultation/debate in your policy area? Yes The Government Portal offers citizens the "My Movement" initiative: "My Movement" allows any citizens to start a movement and gather supporters so their cause is discussed with the Prime-Minister. Portugal also launched several national public consultation initiatives through the country's awarded Simplex Program ( Through this Program, citizens and public administration can provide their feedback and be part of the deision-making process regarding several themes of the country's life. For example, the last consultation - the Sea simplex - registered 112.885 visits, 195 registered users, 127 comments and 21 new ideas. Moreover, Portugal has the national public consultation platform ( is strongly regarded as a useful tool to reinforce citizens’ engagement and enhance quality of public services delivery by showing policy-makers the expectations of civil society in terms of information and needed data-related public services.