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Action 31 in Portugal flag Portugal

Member States should develop and agree indicators and evaluation procedures for measuring the reduction of the carbon footprint of their administrations as a result of eGovernment services.

Indicator Status Evidence
Have you developed methodology (indicators/evaluation procedures) measuring the reduction of the carbon footprint of your administration as a result of eGovernment services? Yes One of the main problems faced by the administration regarding energy consumption, both in Portugal and Europe, are data centres’ energy consumption, which can be more rationalized. In that sense, the Portuguese Agency for the Administrtive Moderization (AMA) did a massive survey on datacenters and ICT, by mapping entities from seven out of eleven national ministries in 2012. As indicator, AMA estimated the Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) for each public datacenter. As a result of this study, Portugal defined a target to reduce ICT costs related to datacenters, obtain savings of 20 Million Euros per year via centralization and cloud, and reach energy savings and decrease of PUE values.
If yes, give examples of measurement and services assessed? Yes Portugal has established several green measurements. Among these, some can be pointed out: progressive printing centralization (namely with a ratio of a printer for at least 25 public officials), preferably with a print log per official; replacement of lightening equipment in several entities, creation of a State’s Central Electronic Archive which implies the relocation of paper archives of the different government bodies to a single location on a low cost housing zone, and followed by archive digitalization, among other.