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Action 45 in Portugal flag Portugal

All Member States will inform the Commission and the High-Level Expert Group how the political priorities of the Malmö Declaration have been achieved.

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Can you share any lessons learned from the implementation of the eGovernment Action Plan? Yes It is our view that a top-down approach mixed with a bottom-up approach is the winning solution, so that both Member-States and the European Commission can reach a balance and simultaneously attend to the local and the community needs. In this "sandwish effect", the EC should have an important role as a facilitator of the dialogue and aggregator of common will among the several Member-states, but always guarantee shared responsabilities between the EC and MS, which is very important. Finally, MS should do more efforts in order to cooperate in a deepener way in order to move towards an interoperable and cross-border alignment.
Has the eGovernment Action Plan had an impact on your national eGovernment policy and its implementation? if yes, what was the impact? Yes The eGovernment Action Plan and the Plans and Strategies issued by the European Comission are naturally an inspiration to the national documents, as Portugal strongly supports the development of a more and more common European Union. As so, the Plan had of course a positive impact for us.