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Member States will agree on a common set of PSI re-use indicators.

Indicator Status Evidence
Are you using any PSI re-use indicators (if yes, indicate which ones?) Yes The “Global Strategic Plan for Rationalization of ICT Costs in Public Administration (PGETIC)” ( presents a Measure regarding Open Government, including public information availability on the national open data portal ( In this context, one of the indicators of the measure performance is in fact the number of datasets that the government offers to the civil society in the refereed data portal. Besides that, AMA does the pre-evaluation of investment in ICT above €10.000, across the Portuguese public administration. In this process, AMA inquires about the possibility of providing reusable datasets and recommends their public availability.
Have you agreed on common set of PSI re-use indicators? Yes Portugal has done all the possible work and efforts to reach that agreement and implement a common set of PSI re-use indicators. Portugal contributed to the European PSI Scoreborad and actively participated in the PSI Directive review, being in the forefront of the most innovative approach and suggestions of review. Among others, Portugal defended the definition of a set of common datasets that should be made available by Member States to begin. Moreover, the transposition of the Directive is expected to be done in an ambicious way, including the selection of a set of areas of which datasets public entities will have to publicly provide.