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The Commission will organise with Member States the sharing of experiences on the implementation of the 'once-only' registration principle and, on electronic procedures and communications having become a dominant channel for delivering eGovernment services, conduct a cost-benefit analysis and design a roadmap for further implementation.

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Have you shared your experience on the implementation of the 'once-only' registration principle? Yes We share experience on trough JOINUP platform - Share and reuse interoperability solutions for public administrations and international conferences. The axiom ‘once-only’ registration of data was established in 2008 at National Concept of eGovernment, in the Act No. 275/2006 Coll. on PAIS fist time in 2011. The Once-only-principle was in more detail established by amandement to the Act No. 305/2013 Coll. Civil Code on the Government from 1.11.2015. The Information System of Reference Data was created as common building block which mediate the reference data to users. 41 reference data from 3 registers were set in 2016 however this activity is necessary to intensify. According the assessment this area will need many changes in regulations.