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Member States will agree on a number of key cross-border public services to be rolled out between 2012 and 2015 and will identify appropriate life events/stages.

Indicator Status Evidence
Have you identified priority key cross-border public services that correspond to well defined needs? Yes Those services are well defined, but they are important also at the national level.
Have you agreed/committed by 2011 on a common list of key cross-border services that correspond to well defined needs? Yes In principal we agreed with the list in Poznan as well as at the High Level eGovernment Group in a later process. As a coordinating body for e-Government development at the national level however we shared the opinion with those Member states that prioritized the development of key enablers.
Have you implemented or do you have concrete plans to implement cross-border services? Yes Implementation of the single market and EU directives is one of the main strategic objectives of the e-government development. Some of the services are already in the progress, e.g. cross-border e-services for business, e-health, e-procurement. Our approach at the national level is oriented toward the implementation of key enablers first, as re-usable building blocks or central solutions, that will support also cross-border access. We also participante in e-SENS to follow the development in this area.