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Action 34 in Slovenia flag Slovenia

Member States should have aligned their national interoperability frameworks to the EIF.

Indicator Status Evidence
Do you have a National Interoperability Framework? Yes Since 20103 Slovenia has the interoperability portal NIO is place which forms the basis of the National interoperability Framework Through the portal various stakeholders can publish standards and guidelines on interoperability, interoperability data and – assets that are important on a national level340 for the coordination, development, building and maintenance of IT systems across public administrations. The portal also provides discussion fora on among others legal, organisational, semantic and technical aspects. Also initiatives to stimulate the common use of standards like XML and eDocuments can be found on the platform. The publication of technical specifications and protocols is on the increase.
Have you aligned your national interoperability frameworks with the European Interoperability Framework? No NIO portal has been launched and number of measurements has been taken to promote and implement the interoperability at the national and EU level. We adopted the Action plan for e-government development until 2015 introducing number of horizontal projects to enhance interoperability. We strive to align our framework with the EIF. However, according to the NIFO report Slovenian NIF is weakly aligned with the EIF for most dimensions. NIFO approved this by the following: »Firstly, the interoperability governance was started in April 2011, by nominating 27 authorized represen-tatives of government institutions and technical experts for the editorial board of the NIO portal. Next to this governance structure, no explicit frameworks were found for interoperability governance. Secondly, the NIO portal allows stakeholders to discuss all interoperability levels (legal, organisational, semantic, technical), and initiatives to stimulate the common use of policies and semantic methodologies were found (e.g. XML-schemas, naming and identification principles for data elements and e-documents). Nonetheless, explicit descriptions and in-depth specifications for all interoperability levels were not found. Thirdly, all of the EIF principles are mentioned on the NIO portal, however no description of implementa-tion of the principles was found. Fourthly, no details about conceptual model or interoperability agreements have been communicated.« To improve the alignment Slovenian NIF with EIF the policy and strategy for interoperability is under preparation, with the main objective to improve this alignment. From the organizational point of view some changes took place in 2013 that will help to improve the situation on interoperability. Since September 2013 a new coordinating body is in place, called "strategic coordination" and "project coordination" that is responsible for digital strategies, strategic decisions on government IT, fostering synergies and interoperability between different government sectors and levels, for prioretization, monitoring and coordinating IT investments.
Does your National Interoperability Framework take into account the European dimension of public service delivery? Yes According to NIFO report all of the EIF principles are mentioned on the NIO portal, however no description of implementa-tion of the principles was found. However the EU dimension has been encouraged through all strategic documents for e-government development in Slovenia and is one of the main objectives. From our perspective European dimension is reflected also in NIO activities.