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The Commission and Member States will set common voluntary transparency targets and exchange available experiences.

Indicator Status Evidence
Are you using targets and indicators on transparency? Yes Slovenia recognizes the importance of open and transparent functioning of the entire public sector. The right of access to public information, which is regarded as a key tool in the pursuit of transparency, has been incorporated into the Slovenian Constitution (Article 39) and further implemented in the Access to Public Information Act (the Access to Public Information Act, Official consolidated version, Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 51/06; hereinafter: “the Act”; English text is published on the web site of the Ministry of Justice and Public Administration: In Slovenia, public sector transparency has been promoted through various synchronised actions on a national level: 6. online and free-of charge public access to data from numerous public records; 7. proactive dissemination of information by the authorities, 8. public participation in rulemaking; 9. ensuring transparency of public spending and 10. facilitating re-use of public sector information.