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The Commission will organise with Member States the sharing of experiences on the implementation of the 'once-only' registration principle and, on electronic procedures and communications having become a dominant channel for delivering eGovernment services, conduct a cost-benefit analysis and design a roadmap for further implementation.

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Have you shared your experience on the implementation of the 'once-only' registration principle? Yes Law the Spanish Law 39/2015 on the common administrative procedure of the public administrations recognizes the right of the citizen not to deliver data or documents already in the hands of the Administration. The Data Intermediation Platform allows that the agencies can check the required citizen data or information online without requesting it again to the citizens; that is the case for information about identity, residence, tax and social security status, unemployment benefits, cadastral information, education, and so on. In this way, this platform avoids that citizens have to submit unnecessary data and documents repeatedly and prevent fraud in administrative requests or procedures. This Data Intermediation Platform has received a Best Practice Certificate by EPSA 2013 Awards. It can be found here: