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Action 22 in Sweden flag Sweden

Member States will agree on a number of key cross-border public services to be rolled out between 2012 and 2015 and will identify appropriate life events/stages.

Indicator Status Evidence
Have you identified priority key cross-border public services that correspond to well defined needs? Yes eID, eSign and different services within each sector.
Have you agreed/committed by 2011 on a common list of key cross-border services that correspond to well defined needs? Yes The 5 cross-border services were identified in Poznan and later agreed by the eGov Expert Group as "Focus-areas for identifying cross-border digital public services and key enablers for cross-border services with a pan-European added value". A number of cross-border services were also identified within the CEF-regulation.
Have you implemented or do you have concrete plans to implement cross-border services? Yes Swedish public administrations are participating in the European project, e.g. STORK 2.0, eSense and OpenPEPPOL.