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Action 31 in United Kingdom flag United Kingdom

Member States should develop and agree indicators and evaluation procedures for measuring the reduction of the carbon footprint of their administrations as a result of eGovernment services.

Indicator Status Evidence
Have you developed methodology (indicators/evaluation procedures) measuring the reduction of the carbon footprint of your administration as a result of eGovernment services? No UK Greening Government Commitment (GGC) programme sets out targets for UK government departments to achieve by 2015, including carbon footprint reductions and reporting arrangements. However these are across the board measures and do not directly pick up reductions from the impact of increased digital eGovernment services. See and for more detail on its scope see Greening Government Commitments: operations and procurement Separately, our UK Greening government ICT strategy programme, has now measured UK Government’s ICT footprint for 2012/13, covering the energy/carbon footprint of all ICT services including telephony, end user devices, printers, networks and servers/data centres. Some of this kit is on-site and would contribute to the GGC footprints, but some is off-site so would not feature. See the second annual report at Finally, the UK Digital by Default programme is implementing eGovernment in the UK. It is reporting on the impact it has on UK administrations operations and costs. See the strategy, the progress reports and the July 2013 progress report, which provided information on cost savings: Work is due to start on the next 5 year GGC and Greening Government ICT targets (2015-2020). We hope to look at how we can link these programmes as part of that planning.
If yes, give examples of measurement and services assessed? - See evidence provided for Action 31, question 1. Measurements are most frequently based on energy consumption then applying UK conversion factors that reflect the mix of energy sources in UK power generation (renewables, nuclear, coal and gas) in the UK Grid supply, to derive carbon emissions.