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Action 43 in United Kingdom flag United Kingdom

All Member States will have incorporated the political priorities of the Malmö Declaration in their national strategies.

Indicator Status Evidence
Does your national eGovernment strategy incorporate the political priorities of the Malmo Declaration and eGovernment Action Plan? Yes See the Government Digital Strategy: A new action (action 16) was added to the strategy in December 2013 to further highlight the importance of opening up government information and services for third party collaboration in development (although this approach was already included in the strategy under actions relating to service redesign, use of common platforms, etc). Another additional action (action 15) provides a commitment to working with public, private and voluntary sector partners to undertake digital inclusion initiatives. The strategy also covers aspects such as user-centric service design and transformation, provision of assisted digital channels where users cannot access digital services independently, and using digital to enhance open policy making. It also highlights commitment to removing any legislative barriers that might exist to hamper the development and adoption of digital by default service delivery.