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The Commission will organise with Member States the sharing of experiences on the implementation of the 'once-only' registration principle and, on electronic procedures and communications having become a dominant channel for delivering eGovernment services, conduct a cost-benefit analysis and design a roadmap for further implementation.

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Have you shared your experience on the implementation of the 'once-only' registration principle? Yes The 'once-only' registration principle is part of BG Electronic Government Act: One-off Collection and Creating of Data Article 2. (1) The administrative authorities, the persons performing public functions and the organisations providing public services cannot require from citizens and organisations to provide or prove data that have already been collected or created but shall be obliged to collect them ex officio from the original data administrator. (2) The original data administrator shall be an administrative body which by force of law collects or creates data on citizens or organisations for the first time and replaces or deletes these data. It shall provide access to citizens and organisations to the whole information collected on them. All the services that are being developed must follow this article.