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Action 17 in Cyprus flag Cyprus

Member States should roll out cross-border services based on the results of PEPPOL and SPOCS.

Indicator Status Evidence
Have you rolled out or planning to any (separate) cross-border service based on PEPPOL results? No Cyprus government built its eProcurement platform in 2009, which is an interoperable web-based application and serves as a unique European model that covers all contracting authorities (public services, local authorities and governmental/non-profit semi-governmental organisations) in a Member State. It includes all tender procedures as laid down by the provisions of European Directives on Public Procurement and the National legal framework. The use of the Cyprus eProcurement System is decentralized as each Contracting Authority conducts its own Tendering procedures but it is centrally managed and supported by the Competent Authority on Public Procurement. Features are included to provide assistance to SMEs and support wider participation in tendering procedures enhancing competition as well as participation of Economic Operators from abroad (20% of the Registered Economic Operators on the Cyprus e-Procurement Platform are foreign companies). Functionality covers e-Notification, eTendering, eEvaluation and eAwarding, as well as eAuctions, eCatalogues and eOrdering. The eProcurement system was developed with the support of the Department of Information Technology Services under the Ministry of Finance, and it is managed by the Public Procurement Directorate of the Treasury of the Republic of Cyprus. Awards/Distinctions • On 14 September 2011, the Treasury of the Republic receives the Cyprus Innovation Award under the 'public sector' category for the development of its eProcurement system. • The 9th EU Benchmark Measurement report "Digitizing Public Services in Europe: Putting ambition in Action" was published and showed Cyprus to be one of the two top performers with 100% online availability of the eProcurement pre-award process, due to the full availability of all the sub-phases of the online procurement process (e-notification, e-submission and e-warding). As far as the eProcurement visibility is concerned Cyprus is one of the best performers with 94% on an average of 71 % for the EU27+. • In October 2009, within the framework of the 4th European eGovernment Awards 2009, the Cypriot eProcurement System was awarded the Good Practice Label by ePractice.
Have you rolled out or planning to any cross-border service based on SPOCS results? No