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Action 34 in Cyprus flag Cyprus

Member States should have aligned their national interoperability frameworks to the EIF.

Indicator Status Evidence
Do you have a National Interoperability Framework? Yes The National eGovernment Interoperability Framework has been revised in June 2016 and it will be published online in October 2016. It will be available through the following website:( Available through email upon request.
Have you aligned your national interoperability frameworks with the European Interoperability Framework? Yes The Cyprus eGovernment Interoperability Framework is fully aligned with the European Interoperability Strategy and the European Interoperability Framework, thus serving the relative objectives of the Digital Agenda for Europe. The overall objectives of the ISA programme Interoperability Solutions for European Public Administrations), which succeeded the former IDABC programme (Interoperable Delivery of pan-European Services to Public Administrations, businesses and Citizens) were also considered during the elaboration of the National eGovernment Interoperability Framework of the Republic of Cyprus. Furthermore, the eGIF builds upon the experience gained at EU level regarding interoperability also capitalising on the results of the NIFO and the SEMIC project as well as on good practices realised by other EU Member States from the elaboration of their National Interoperability Frameworks.
Does your National Interoperability Framework take into account the European dimension of public service delivery? Yes