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Action 37 in Cyprus flag Cyprus

Member States should apply and roll out the eID solutions, based on the results of STORK and other eID-related projects.

Indicator Status Evidence
Have you applied the eID solutions based on STORK and/or other eID-related projects? No A proposal was prepared with the several options for the provision of electronic signature and e-authentication which was submitted to the e-government Board in September 2015. The e-government Board in its meeting in September 2015 instructed the Reform Unit/egov and DITS to investigate further the option to purchase e-Signature and e-Authentication certificates for citizens. A new proposal was submitted to the egov Board in April 2016 with the results of the investigation and suggestions. The egov Board decided that Cyprus government will purchase the media and the e-Signature and e-Authentication certificates from a CSP instead of developing government PKI infrastructure. The Estonian expertise will be used for the drafting of the policy and the technical part of the tender documents for the relevant procurement procedure.