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Member States will inform the Commission and the High-Level Expert Group how the political priorities of the Malmö Ministerial Declaration have been or will be reflected in their national eGovernment strategies.

Indicator Status Evidence
Is the National eGovernment strategy in place? Yes The eGovernment Board, with representatives at the highest level has been established (Council of Ministers’ Decision 13/5/2015). The eGovernment Board approves and monitors the progress of the eGovernment actions, and also provides solutions on significant problems that affect their implementation. The Board has approved all the Strategic Actions of high/strategic importance that are included in the Strategy. The Digital Strategy for Cyprus has also been implemented and it's progress is monitored and updated by the Department of Electronic Communication on an annual basis.
If yes, please provide the link to the strategy. Yes Digital Strategy:$file/Digital%20Strategy%20for%20Cyprus-Executive%20summary.pdf?openelement eGovernment Strategy: it can be sent through email upon request