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Action 18 in Czech Republic flag Czech Republic

Member States will ensure that a ‘second generation’ of points of single contact will function as fully fledged eGovernment centres beyond the requirements and areas covered by the Services Directive.

Indicator Status Evidence
Does the Point of Single Contact cover all the services foreseen in the Service Directive? Yes The Czech PSC covers all the services foreseen in the SD. Moreover, the Czech PSC is undergoing transformation into a ‘second generation’ version, while it is an integral part of ‘’ portal which provides information beyond the requirements and areas covered by the Services Directive (export, etc.).
Can all the administrative processes be done through the Point of Single Contact? No To date, not all administrative procedures are covered by the Czech PSC. It is being used predominantly for submitting electronic applications for the establishment of a business.
Does the PSC facilitate cross-border provision of services? Yes The Czech PSC does facilitate the cross-border provision of services by providing useful information about the rules and requirements related to cross-border provision of services. The current reform of the Czech PSC foresees to include the contact details of relevant authorities in other member states.