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Action 2 in Czech Republic flag Czech Republic

Member States will develop personalised online services, including functions such as monitoring the progress of transactions with public administrations.

Indicator Status Evidence
Have you developed any personalised services? Yes The flagship eGovernment projects such as the Data Boxes System or the CzechPOINT one-stop shop are continuously improved and developed to user suit the needs of their user and in line with their feedback. Web- accessibility requirements are obligatory for all public-administration institutions according to national legislation. The Ministry of Interior regularly check and tests the accessibility of various web-site and eGovernment services.
Are those personalised services available via multiple channels? Yes The Data Boxes System, typical representative of eDelivery Service, was successfully implemented in the Czech Republic. In order to increase personal mobility and user-friendliness, application for access to the Data Boxes System via mobile devices (e.g. OS, Android) has been developed. The national Public Administration Portal provides an one-stop access point to government information and services in the Czech Republic, both at the national and regional level, and aims to help citizens and businesses to find information and communicate online with public authorities. Another channel in government services was brought about when the network of public administration contact points has been launched. These contact points, known as CzechPOINTs act as “one-stop-shops” for several government services, regardless of local or functional jurisdiction, in form of self-service or with the assistance of trained personnel. Currently, many services are also available via CzechPOINT@home.