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Action 37 in Czech Republic flag Czech Republic

Member States should apply and roll out the eID solutions, based on the results of STORK and other eID-related projects.

Indicator Status Evidence
Have you applied the eID solutions based on STORK and/or other eID-related projects? Yes In compliance with the eIDAS Regulation, the relevant infrastructure, legislation and centrally provided support to public administrations are in the process of implementation. The Czech Republic plans to apply so called eIDAS node for interconnecting with other eID systems in EU member states. The eIDAS node is based on the software that has been developed under the STORK project. The STORK 2.0 infrastructure – the so called PEPS – Pan-European Proxy Services model - is still functional in the Czech Republic, and it allows Czech nationals, the users of mojeID service, to authenticate using the European Commission's Authentication Service (ECAS) to access CIRCABC service. The mojeID service is provided by CZ.NIC, the STORK 2.0 partner. The Czech academic community (Universities) is involved in several international projects, which use federation of identities.