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Member States will inform the Commission and the High-Level Expert Group how the political priorities of the Malmö Ministerial Declaration have been or will be reflected in their national eGovernment strategies.

Indicator Status Evidence
Is the National eGovernment strategy in place? Yes The Czech national digital priorities for the future are summed up in a strategic document known as the “Strategic framework of the development of public administration in the Czech Republic for the period 2014 – 2020” and they are specified in more detail in its implementation acts. This Strategy deals with modernization, development and financing of public administration´s operations, as well as the key steps that need to be taken in the area of human resources management in public administration. Through modernizing national public administration, Czech Republic makes an effort to improve its competiveness, to increase the efficiency of processes and to achieve greater transparency, as well as to downsize public expenditures. Part of this effort includes measures that should lead to a more effective use of modern ICT infrastructure and technology, which is detailed in yet another strategic document, the Strategy for the development of government ICT services (and the proposal of measures for enhancing efficiency of ICT services (in Czech). This material sums up current issues of eGovernment services in the Czech Republic and provides an up-to-date overview of the current level of digitalization of public administration. Deficiencies in the status quo of the ICT management at the government level are analyzed, and the measures for overcoming them are proposed. The implementation of eGovernment in the Czech Republic is based on the Smart Administration 2007-2015 policy which aims to policy and outlines steps and measures to be taken to enhance the electronic governance and improve and upgrade its architecture, to secure its financing and to transform it into a standard tool used by all public officials in their everyday communication with their clients – the public, representatives of the business sector and other subjects. The State Policy in Electronic Communications - State Policy “Digital Czech Republic v. 2.0 – The Way to the Digital Economy” The actualized state policy “Digital Czech Republic v. 2.0 – The Way to the Digital Economy” follows on the first version “State policy in Electronic Communications – Digital Czech republic” approved by the Government Resolution January 2011. First version of state policy document was mainly focused on infrastructure areas with the aim to reduce the "digital divide" between rural communities and densely populated cities. Digital Czech Republic v. 2.0 is more complex than the previous version and lays down the visions of Czech government and goals for the development of digital economy until the year 2020 and one of them is, for example, to provide citizens with access to information generated by the public sector via the Internet. This updated state policy is designed to harness the synergy that ICT offers. In order for the document to stand up to international comparison and improve the state’s rapport with ICT, it must now include proposed measures to resolve the fragmented nature of coordination of the implementation of the government policy and measures associated with ICT aimed at boosting the competitiveness of the Czech Republic. This is also in compliance with the International Competitiveness Strategy. The government of the Czech Republic has approved the Action Plan for the Open Government Partnership. In the Action Plan the government of the Czech Republic commits itself to adopt the measures dealing with corruption and access to information. The Government of the Czech Republic fully supports attempts to remove regulatory and technical barriers to access to information and its goal is to enable the general public to share, combine and freely use the available data. The Action plan for the development of the digital market is focused on summary of planned provision which support the development of the digital market in the Czech Republic and from the point of view of the national factors in the Czech Republic and also of the initiation at the EU level.
If yes, please provide the link to the strategy. Yes Strategic framework of the development of public administration in the Czech Republic for the period 20144-2020 and its implementation acts Smart Administration Strategy: Digital Czech Republic 2.0: Open Government Partnership Action plan for the development of the digital market