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Action 45 in Czech Republic flag Czech Republic

All Member States will inform the Commission and the High-Level Expert Group how the political priorities of the Malmö Declaration have been achieved.

Indicator Status Evidence
Can you share any lessons learned from the implementation of the eGovernment Action Plan? Yes The Czech Republic had possibilities to gain from best practices cases, shared experience in several EC projects and oriented our national strategy in line with the eGovernment Action Plan.
Has the eGovernment Action Plan had an impact on your national eGovernment policy and its implementation? if yes, what was the impact? Yes In general the implementation of the eGovernment Action Plan contributes to the development of the eGovernment in the Czech Republic (efficient spending of financial resources, once only principle, reduction of the administrative burden, modernisation of the Public Administration, innovation in the area of the public services, eGovernment projects – CzechPOINT, Data Boxes, Basic Registers, Public Administration Portal).