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Action 5 in Czech Republic flag Czech Republic

Member States will agree on a common set of PSI re-use indicators.

Indicator Status Evidence
Are you using any PSI re-use indicators (if yes, indicate which ones?) Yes To measure the progress in PSI re-use field, European PSI re-use indicators in the Czech Republic are used by European Open Data Maturity Report Landscaping Questionnaire and Best Practices from Data European Portal <>. The Czech Republics is also cooperating with the other reporting mechanism using the PSI- reuse indicators for the annual Open Data Barometer (administered by the World Wide Web Foundation) as well as Open Data Index (administered by Open Knowledge International). These PSI-reuse indicators, used by above mentioned measuring mechanisms are considered during the creative process of implementation of new PSI and Open data policies in the Czech Republic.
Have you agreed on common set of PSI re-use indicators? Yes In the Czech Republic is primary use of common set of European Commission provided through the cooperation with the European Commission (i.e. Open Data Maturity Report, Open Data Maturity Report Landscaping Questionnaire), which correspond with indicators of World Bank Open Data and OECD (administered by Directorate for Public Governance and Territorial Development).