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Action 20 in Estonia flag Estonia

Member States will provide cross-border and interoperable eDelivery services for citizens, e.g. so that they can study, work, reside, receive health care and retire anywhere in the European Union.

Indicator Status Evidence
Do you provide any cross-border online and interoperable services for citizens? If yes, How many? Please list them. Yes See, for example, the Company Registration Portal, which allows Portuguese, Finnish, Belgian and Lithuanian citizens - based on their eID - to register their companies in Estonia and vice-versa over the Internet. Estonia has implemented 5 STORK crossborder services. Additionally with Estonian e-residency card it is possible to have cross-border access to all Estonian online services.
Are you planning to provide those services between now and 2015 ? Yes The MoU between Estonia and Finland is an important milestone in what is a long and successful cooperation in the field of information and communication technologies.