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Norway displays a lower than average percentage of citizens using eGovernment services that the EU28 with 81% in 2015. On the other hand the usage of eGovernment services by enterprises is higher than the EU28 average, as it reached 94% in 2013. Although Norway is not an EU Member State, it was included in the study as an EEA member.

Ministry in charge of eGovernment Ministry/Department: Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation, Department of ICT and Modernisation

Downloadable latest eGov action plan:

Action 2: Member States will develop personalised online services, including functions such as monitoring the progress of transactions with public administrations.

Action 5: Member States will agree on a common set of PSI re-use indicators.

Action 9: The Commission and Member States will set common voluntary transparency targets and exchange available experiences.

Action 10: Member States and the Commission will provide online access to information on government laws and regulations, policies and finance.

Action 11: In accordance with Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC, Member States will enable citizens to have electronic access to those personal data that are held on them when available electronically and will inform them electronically whenever such data are being processed by automatic means, in a simple and unambiguous manner.

Action 14: Member States, the Commission and other representative institutions such as parliaments should develop services that involve stakeholders in public debates and decision-making processes building on pilots and demonstration.